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Author: Tony Trott

There really is no question that Sheri and I have an incredible terrace on our condo. Arguably, one of the best in Arlington! I guess I’m a bit biased about that, but still… You can probably get a general idea of the size from pictures or videos that we’ve posted on the web or social media over the years.

The terrace has been on our minds lately as the temperatures begin to rise (as I write this though, it is only 51 outside, a tad nippy!) as it has really been a godsend and a bit of

an oasis for us during the pandemic. So as the weather improves (spring, technically, began on March 20), we are thinking about the different kinds of flowers, shrubs, and herbs that we want to plant this year.

A good friend is coming over to help us clean up the terrace and get it ready for planting, and the actual planting will take place in mid- or late-May so there should be some color out there in June! There is new life and new growth (yes, dandelions are weeds, but they still offer a splash of color to a concrete terrace!) portending a much more colorful terrace in the future. We’ll be planting begonias, geraniums, zinnias, and more; so we should have some nice colorful pictures to share in a few months!

We also plant herbs in special “herb boxes” that grows into a healthy representation that includes parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and basil. I use these herbs when I cook, and it provides me with a great inspiration when I know they are fresh right from outside. I make pesto, we often dry them and include in our scrambled eggs, and I’ll grab a variety and just add to whatever I am cooking.

Another great addition is a rain barrel. We do not have any outside water source. So, I used to fill milk jugs with water and go back and forth to the kitchen to refill them. Watering

took at least two or three hours! The rain barrel has a spigot at the bottom, so I go over to the corner of the terrace to fill the jugs and it is a much shorter exercise and makes me happy that we are using a natural and environmentally conscious water source.

Not only is the terrace an extension of our home where we can go to escape computer and television screens while we either nap, bask in the sun, or read a book, it also provides a special area to entertain guests and for Sheri and I to sit in the morning with our lattes on the weekend and chat, have a hot drink after dinner while we look at the stars, and sometimes play games like Words with Friends. We love being outside and we are so grateful to have this special space. Additionally, the terrace provides a happy place in our current world, filled with so much news of sickness, war, and other matters that are depressing. For us, the beauty of growth and life provides a sense of hope for the future.

Originally published at on April 30, 2022.




Our vision is to inspire people to live happier lives through writing, speaking, mentoring and consulting.

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Happy on Wheels

Happy on Wheels

Our vision is to inspire people to live happier lives through writing, speaking, mentoring and consulting.

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