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3 min readJun 1, 2022


Author: Sheri Denkensohn-Trott

You are probably thinking that I’m going to write about something in my life that is super important. And while what I’m about to tell you isn’t filled with deep thought and meaning, it has changed my life in a positive way. While small, rest assured little things add up to make each day better.

I’m talking about Wordle. Don’t stop reading. I’m not a fanatic that posts my results each day on Facebook. I will tell you why I love this game and how it enhances my day. I’m not a “gamer” as one would think

Wordle game

when it comes to videogames. And I am not obsessed with candy crush or other games of that type that come on your phone. Wordle attracted me because of one simple reason. I loved playing Mastermind throughout my years growing up.

My family loved boardgames. Scrabble, Monopoly, Life, along with Boggle, Yahtzee, and card games. When Mastermind arrived on the scene I was addicted. The way each try was marked with the little pegs indicating if one of the colors or more was accurate and if any of the colors were in the right space. Through logical process of elimination, I’d be elated when the cover of the “code” was revealed by the person I was

Mastermind game

playing. Look, the positions and colors matched. A winner! How many tries did it a take? Can I beat that next time? Let’s switch places and play again.

So now I have Wordle each day. A similar type of puzzle as Mastermind. But only 6 tries. And only one word per day. I don’t have a plan as to when I will play each day. I don’t start with a special word. But when I do play, I feel my mind in action like a computer, figuring out the result. I’ve gotten the word on the second try a couple of times, pure luck. I average between three and four. And only once a six, and I was not happy. My competitive side showing through.

The real victory for me has become a symbol sharing of results. I have two friends that I text with each day exchanging our results. We don’t go into much detail but add a word or two about the experience. And a line or two about the weather of the day and what our plans may be. Short and simple, but consistent.

Image of the dictionary definition of the word routine.

And that’s what I like. Routine. Connection. Brain work. I look forward to it. And I find it fun. So, while very small, a Wordle each day is a true highlight.

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