Author: Sheri Denkensohn-Trott

Yes, the name of our company is Happy on Wheels. Those that know me describe me as happy, resilient, funny, cheerful, and determined. Overall, these are true components of my character. But it is time to reveal that I am not always happy. I strive to live consistently in that “happy” space. I help others find joy. But I am willing to admit when I can’t.

I am not writing this because of Simone Biles or Naomi Osaka, although what I read in the news about their experience resonates with me.

Mental health should not be a…

Author: Sheri Denkensohn-Trott

As pandemic restrictions begin to lighten, our daily lives are now impacted. Masking differs from place to place, but in general, masking outside is no longer required. Limits on the number of people allowed inside and outside and numerical restrictions at different venues are changing. Some say we are entering the “new normal.”

For me, I’m not sure if there ever was a normal and while the environment is new, for many individuals similar to me it is the same. My life is more aptly described as a daily seesaw than it is as normal.

What does…


Author: Tony Trott

Anyone who read by blog in the previous Happy on Wheels newsletter (subscribe at is aware that I recently spent about a week in the hospital following some surgery on some fairly serious burns. As a result, I find myself having to use a shower chair to take a

shower. Before I had used a built-in bench and just transferred from my regular chair to the bench, but now I use a shower chair so falling is, while not totally out of the question, much less of a concern.

I did just get the shower chair…

Usually a “time out” is associated with a child misbehaving and being sent to the corner to look at the wall. When you think about it, this punishment slows down the pace, forces the child to take a breath, and gives the child an

opportunity to reflect on their actions. Although considered a punishment, when looked at in broader terms the child slows down and is in essence meditating, deep breathing, and thinking about the consequences of their actions. …

In the month of February, one cannot escape the obsession with Valentine’s Day. I’m not saying that it is bad to celebrate love, but what many don’t understand is that Valentine’s Day is often a reminder to those who don’t have a special Valentine that they are somehow inferior. Why can’t I meet the right person? Why are my dates a disaster? Am I ever going to find my soulmate? What’s wrong with me?

Graphic of a Valentine’s Day heart.

This set of questions becomes even longer when you are a female quadriplegic as I am. I was injured at age 16, and I found myself…

A few years ago, I wrote a blog out my exercise routine. I think that it is needless to say, things are quite different this year. But I still make time to exercise (not as much as I’d like or that I should though).

Of course, there is a lot of different equipment at gyms which I don’t have access to at home, but I have been able to rework my routines to

allow for that. For example, at the gym, I am able to use resistance bands that are tied to or wrapped securely around a very string pole…

A picture of a letter addressed to myself.

No letter to Santa, but this year I did something I’ve never done before. I wrote a letter to myself. I’ve been pondering many aspects of my life and how I spend my time, potentially triggered by COVID, but likely based on a variety of factors. Instead of having thoughts swirling in my head I decided that writing would cement them. Many individuals in the positive psychology, wellness, and related fields suggest this type of activity as an end of year exercise. It can be used to reflect, to plan, and to make written commitments. Certainly, it is only as…

Many individuals that are working from home are experiencing zoom fatigue. They are on their devices and/or computers all day with nonstop meetings. It is understandable that these individuals want a break from looking at the screen and are resorting to good distractions like reading a book, taking a walk, or cooking.

But many people are incredibly isolated during this time. Especially those like Tony and me that have chronic conditions that are high risk. We only go out when we must. Therefore, if we want to connect with our families, friends, or others through business, zoom is a lifeline…

It’s More Important Than Ever

Breast Cancer Ribbon with the word Survivor on it .

Author: Sheri Denkensohn-Trott

For those that are already aware, and for those that may not be, I am celebrating my 10-year breast cancerversary! It is also the 10-year anniversary of the breast cancer support group that I have been attending since August 2010. It is run by the Thelma D. Jones Breast Cancer Fund. Getting my breast cancer diagnosis was like a bad movie. I had just returned home from an extended hospitalization, was incredibly weak, and barely functioning. I did not know if I would be able to return to work and I was adjusting to having a trach…

Happy on Wheels at a restaurant on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.

Author: Sheri Denkensohn-Trott

For the past 13 years, Tony and I have gone to Rehoboth Beach to celebrate our anniversary. It has become a tradition that we both look forward to and enjoy. There are fewer people, beautiful weather, and a relaxing and happy place to celebrate our anniversary. We were married on September 3, 2005. We have a favorite restaurant and every year we eat there and dine outside looking at the ocean and sunset. Considering that we were married on a boat on the Potomac River, it is always fitting to be near the water to celebrate our special day.


Happy on Wheels

Our vision is to inspire people to live happier lives through writing, speaking, mentoring and consulting.

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